Can sleeping on your back maximise results of Cosmetic Injections?

The recommend length of supine sleep post-surgery for Hyaluronic Filler Injections & Botox Injections is at least two weeks

Cosmetic injections – Hyaluronic Filler Injections and Botox Injections are increasingly in demand.

Following specialist advice their results can be maximised to ensure they will last longer.
After Hyaluronic Filler and/or Botox Injections, you should lie on your back and relax for around 5 hours.

In the following two weeks post-treatment, you should sleep in the supine posture.

This will prevent any accidental migration of the filler or Botox to other areas of the face while leaving time for the aids to settle properly into the facial muscles.

Please see the table below for the elements that we recommend:

Dr Sara Samari

Dr Sara Samari

Dr Sara Samari is a biomedical researcher and writer. Dr Samari’s main areas of expertise are biomedical science, musculoskeletal skeletal, microbiology and physiology.

Waking Beauty® Elements recommended for eye procedures Cosmetic Injections

Element NameElement Function
HARMONISESuper-soft HARMONISE gives emotional and physical support - Harmonise enables supine sleep while offering the comforting impression of side sleep. It supports the head and gives lateral support to the neck.
STABILISESTABILISE allows individual adjustment in a revolutionary way - Stabilise has a central zip on the reverse, allowing for ventilation and filling variation. Patients have all levels of firmness available in one pillow.
ELEVATEELEVATE raises the head to a comfortable position - Elevate is a small pillow that works synergistically with Stabilise to elevate the head, enabling the patient to retain a certain sleep height.
REPOSEREPOSE naturally warms the eye area – Repose, unlike the traditional too-restrictive eye mask, blocks the light while gently resting on the eyes and forehead

Would you like extra support for your legs?

Ask for ALIGN

Align pillow


Would you like extra elevation?

Use extra wool filler

Align pillow showing the woollen filling and label close up