Is back sleeping indicated in the treatment of Glaucoma?

Recommend length of supine sleep post-surgery: Ongoing

10,11,12 Glaucoma is a common eye condition where the optic nerve, which connects the eye to the brain, becomes damaged. It’s usually caused by fluid building up in the front part of the eye, which increases pressure inside the eye. Glaucoma can lead to loss of vision if it’s not diagnosed and treated early.

There are several different treatments for glaucoma, including eyedrops, laser treatment and surgery. The best treatment for you will depend on your circumstances. Treatment can’t reverse any loss of vision that has already occurred, but it can help stop your vision getting any worse.

Eyedrops to reduce the pressure in the eye are the normal treatment for this condition. If these do not work laser surgery may be indicated with invasive surgery being a final option.

Glaucoma is an eye condition that perfectly illustrates the way in which the use of Waking Beauty Layered Sleep System® can be important in maintaining the ideal supine sleep position for ongoing support.

Research indicates that sleep problems including sleep posture can be a contributing factor to glaucoma progression.

Everything from circadian rhythm, sleep positions, sleep apnoea, and even the pillow a person uses can impact glaucoma and it is suggested that people with glaucoma need to seriously consider their sleep posture and adapt their sleep health accordingly.

Then in the extreme situation that surgery does become necessary the system will support post-surgical supine sleep.

Glaucoma and Sleep Issues:

Studies suggest that poor sleep in the way of duration, sleep disorders, sleep disturbances, and daytime drowsiness, could be either a risk factor or a result of glaucoma. The results established a connection between glaucoma and long and short sleep duration. Glaucoma was three times more prevalent in participants who slept ten or more hours per night than participants who slept seven hours per night. People with glaucoma were also more likely to fall asleep quickly (in nine or fewer minutes) or take longer (30 minutes or more) to fall asleep. There was also a connection between glaucoma and pronounced daytime sleepiness.

Certain sleep issues can be supported by the use of the Waking Beauty layered sleep system® to initiate comfortable back sleeping and a restorative nights rest in the ideal sleep environment.

Glaucoma and Sleep Positions:

It’s long been established that Intra Ocular Pressure levels (IOP) are increased when the body is horizontal, i.e. in sleep, as opposed to when sitting up.

Studies have confirmed that the extent of this difference is more significant in glaucoma patients. It’s also been determined that a person’s preferred sleeping position may contribute some asymmetry to that equation.

Of course, the results don’t suggest that a person’s sleeping position is the sole reason for worsening glaucoma on one side, however, it does verify a link between preferred sleeping positions and asymmetric visual field loss between eyes.
In conclusion it is better to be sleeping with the head elevated slightly in the supine position, all of which the Waking Beauty Layered Sleep System® will support perfectly.

Glaucoma and Pillows:

With the knowledge that Intra Ocular Pressure rises at night or whenever a person is prone, many doctors have advised their patients to sleep in an upright position, i.e. with their upper torso elevated by 30 degrees.

One study found that turning the head into a pillow in a simulated sleep position is associated with a clinically significant increase in the estimated IOP.

Another study looked at the correlations between head elevation and its effect on IOP. Pressure levels were measured in participants lying flat, using multiple pillows, and using a bed-raising mechanism.

This in itself indicates the need for good quality restorative sleep and whilst we are not suggesting that Waking Beauty® will diminish the onset or be a cue for the condition, it is in itself a natural layered system that promotes restful, comfortable and restorative supine sleeping.

The elements we recommend form the 3 layered sleep system of ELEVATE / STABILISE and HARMONISE. HAMONISE and STABILISE offer the emotional and physical support to sleep and maintain a supine posture throughout the night.
It would also be advisable to use ALIGN under the knees and possibly a second STABILISE as additional support for the head to elevate and raise it higher than the body.
Going forward REPOSE would be an excellent meditative eye cushion for soothing the eyes and enhancing restful sleep once the eyes are healed. This element does not squash or deter lash growth as other elasticated eye masks can do and is a gentle comforting sleep aid.
Should surgery be indicated the Waking Beauty Layered Sleep System® is the ideal system to support back sleeping and prevent any infection or uncomfortable sleep due to the eye shield that will be advised to be worn short term post-surgery. Ongoing sleeping in the supine position is indicated as the ideal.

Submissions from Carron Ryan BSc. DBO

Waking Beauty® Elements recommended for eye surgery/treatment / Glaucoma

Element NameElement Function
HARMONISESuper-soft HARMONISE gives emotional and physical support - Harmonise enables supine sleep while offering the comforting impression of side sleep. It supports the head and gives lateral support to the neck.
STABILISE X2STABILISE allows individual adjustment in a revolutionary way - Stabilise has a central zip on the reverse, allowing for ventilation and filling variation. Patients have all levels of firmness available in one pillow.
ELEVATEELEVATE raises the head to a comfortable position - Elevate is a small pillow that works synergistically with Stabilise to elevate the head, enabling the patient to retain a certain sleep height.
ALIGNALIGN targets support under the knees - Inspired by Alexander's position of Constructive Rest, Align give the targeted support by uniquely increasing the comfort of sleeping in a new position by raising the legs and spine to an optimum level and angle. Like Stabilise, the central reverse zip can adjust filling and firmness

Would you like extra darkness while asleep?

Ask for REPOSE

Repose eye pillow


Would you like extra elevation?

Use extra wool filler

Align pillow showing the woollen filling and label close up