Patents & Registrations

Patents & Registrations

Waking Beauty™ is a registered trade mark of Levrant-Rich Limited established 1962. Only Levrant-Rich Limited and its authorised stockists and licensees may use the trade mark, logo, product logos and images in advertising, promotional and sales materials.

Waking Beauty Patents

United Kingdom – GB Patent No. GB2532874B
China – Chinese Utility Patent No. 204951897U
Japan- Japanese utility Patent No. 3203125
United States – US Patent Design No. 779856

Waking Beauty Design Registration

EU – Design Registration Nos: 2721753-0001; 2721787-0001-0002; 2739219-0001-0002; 2721779-0001-0002.
United Kingdom – Trade Mark Registration Nos 3072885 and 13663571
United States- Trade Mark Registration No. 5015177
China – Chinese Trade Mark Registration No. 1267531
Japan – Japanese Trade Mark Registration No. 1267531
Korea – Korean Trade Mark registration No. 40-2018-0144687

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